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McWhorter Rifles at the Novillos

BCM402 – Allan Rovig takes a 170 class 10 point at the Novillos Ranch from Brush Country Monsters on Vimeo.

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Now Chambering – 6.5 Ackley

Parent case – .280 Ackley improved Nosler Brass and simply size to 6.5, so fire-forming is not a necessity.
-3100 fps with Berger 140 VLD_hunting bullets (26″ barrel, 1 in 9″ twist)
-Exceptional accuracy
-Very Mild Recoil
- Standard bolt face and standard case, so it headspaces off the shoulder, not belt
- Holds 5 rounds (4+1)
-Exeptional Long Range performance out of a non-belted magnum