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Paul Swint

Allan, Just wanted to let you know that the first shot I took with the 300 RUM you built for me resulted in a dead Elk.(See Attached) The shot was about 250 yds. down into a deep and steep canyon with winds gusting to 30mph! I dialed up 200yds. to comp for the severe angle and held 3 min. into the wind. Not my biggest bull but at the end of day 5 of a 6 day hunt it was hard earned and will make excellent eating. Thanks for a truly great rifle! Paul

Chris Sutton

Allan–here’s a 3 shot group I shot tonight at 100yds—–words can’t say how impressed and ecstatic I am about this rifle—just an unbelievable shooter—like I said I’m am very happy and can’t wait to use it in a few days–mule deer beware—-thanks again …..chris sutton

Ron Horton

The 6.5 worked flawlessly and perfectly.  This buck was an 11 pt and was the largest taken on this 30000 acre ranch this season.  They did not get much water this year and the horns were not as large as in some years.  I took this one at 249 yards and hit it in the right shoulder and took out part of the lungs and the top of the aorta before exiting. He ran about 50 yards before collapsing.  My hunting partner Scott and guide James were very impressed with the performance.  I love this rifle
and scope.  I placed the bullet exactly where it was aimed. You guys sure build some nice guns.  Tell Tim hello.

Thanks and I will talk to you later. Ron

Harry Siemen

Allan, I didn’t have any of the RL-19 on hand, so I tried to find a good load with RL-22 and H4831.  I had problems with my rest and I never could get anything to shoot well.  I finally gave up and bought some RL-19 and a new rest.  I duplicated your load and the below target is what I got on the first trip to the range.  First shot was from a clean, cold barrel, and the next two were right after the first.

Thanks for building me a great rifle, Harry Siemen

Woody Beacham

Allan, I just want to thank you and Tim for building the finest quality rifles. I took a nice California Bighorn Ram at 385 yards with the 6.5 Weatherby. It performed flawlessly and the ram only went about 10 yards after the shot. Everyone in camp was impressed with the quality of your rifle and what it can do in the field. Mountain hunts demand the best of you and your gear and I will only make the trips up the hill with my McWhorter rifle. Thank you both for your help and building such a fine rifle.

Sincerely, Woody Beacham

Peter Lenzi

Hey Allan….the story with the target goes like this….a friend of mine came over to sight in his rifle…after sighting in at 100 yds he ran out and put up a target at 200 yds…the three on the perimeter are his….the three touching are mine..or maybe more accurately OURS….thats quite a rifle you built…..

Thanks, Peter Lenzi

Chad Bodin

Back from Saskatchewan.
430 class bull,
200yrd chip shot with new 300 RUM, 185gr berger bullet
Great rifle !

Kent Slovernick

One shot with my McWhorter 7 WSM made a lifelong dream come true. Rifle shoots and handles fantastic.

Thanks again
Kent Slovernick

Kevin Neislen

6 by 5 with 3 stickers
185 yards
235 pounds

D bar outfitters
McWhorter 50 cal

Dave Young

Just got back from a long cold week on the Utah deer hunt.  Finally put this big guy on the ground.  Had him officially scored and he gross scores 208.  I thought you might like to see it.  I took him with the Ultra Mag you built.

Larry Young

Allan, The Mc Whorter 6.5mm Wby mag does it again.  This weekend shot the Sable at 180 yds, Blackbuck at 325 yds, and an eleven point whitetail at 238. Awesome rifle and ammo.

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