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Pro Staff

Jim Broadnax

Jim is a life long hunting and long range shooting enthusiast. His passion for Whitetail hunting continues to grow. His favorite places to hunt are undoubtedly the Midwest where he has an opportunity to apply long range shooting skills at Giant Whitetails. His longest shot on game was a confirmed 830 yard whitetail. Jim brings technical savvy to the McWhorter Rifles Pro Staff as he is the webmaster for as well as several other web sites.


Perry Ross

Perry Ross is owner and operator of Ross Trophy Outfitters in Bucklin Kansas. His vast knowledge of Big Whitetails , turkeys, elk , and other big game animals has been accumulating since his early years of growing up chasing about every critter that the Mississippi countryside had to offer. His parents instilled Chrtistian values  in him at an early age and Perry has carried those values with him throughout his career to become one of the most well respected  and knowledgeable outfitters in the country. Through his love of accurate firearms, and his dedication to become the best marksman possible in his pursuit of trophy animals all over the country, Perry has become a very close friend to us at
McWhorter Custom Rifles. We welcome him as a true asset to our team.

Shane Adams

Shane Adams is the co-owner of Mill Creek Hunting. in Kansas as well as an accomplished trophy deer hunter with years of experience and multiple trophies to his credit. He has been a lifelong reloader and precision shooter as well as owner of multiple McWhorter Custom Rifles. His largest whitetail to date was shot with a McWhorter 300WSM in Alberta Canada on a sub-zero degree hunt. His McWhorter performed flawlessly dropping the over 300 lb, 190″ class buck in his tracks.

Anthony Stowers

I have been an avid hunter, shooter, and reloader since the age of 15. I really enjoy long range hunting and tactical shooting and have recorded 600 yd + kills . I really thought I knew what a accurate rifle was until I shot a Mcwhorter custom rifle. I have owned every big name gun that is made and I can testify nothing comes close to what my Mcwhorter rifles have done . It’s not uncommon to shoot 2 inch 700 yrd groups with my McWhorters . Tim is a master at what he does and Allan is a knowledgeable and honest person a true first class Man. One bad thing about Mcwhorters is if you have one you can’t stop there it’s truly a addiction.

Lamar Smith

The Host of Brush Country Monsters Television and the head guide on the Novillos Ranch, Lamar Smith is a life-long accomplished deer hunter. His experience judging deer and guiding hunters is second to none. Not only that he is an avid shooter and stands behind the quality and performance of his McWhorter Custom Rifles. After Brush Country Monsters Television only allowed hunters on the show to use McWhorter Rifles, the one shot, one kill ratio increased significantly. Lamar recently finished the SAAMs Precision Level 2 marksmanship course with his trusted McWhorter 270 Weatherby and was confidently pinging steel gongs out the 1000 yards with regularity.

Seth Johnson

Seth is the President of Outdoors Interactive and avid hunter with multiple trophies taken all over the world to his credit. Over the last 5 years he has produced 4 different hunting television series that have aired in millions of households on major outdoor networks. Seth is also the owner of multiple McWhorter Custom Rifles and attributes much of his shooting success to what he calls “these precision works of art”.

Denise Rovig

Denise is Assistant to the Director at the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center, Ichauway Inc. She has been hunting for 14 years, and her love of the great outdoors grows stronger every year! Through her interactions with the scientific community, she has learned a great deal about how we have a huge impact on our wildlife and the ecosystem in general. Whitetail deer are her most often hunted game, with her longest shot on deer being 600 yards, witnessedand confirmed. She also has been on several prairie dog shoots in the Northwest, with many kills beyond 600 yards. Of all the hunting trips taken, Zimbabwe, Africa is her most treasured. Taking her Greater kudu at 315 yards afterstanding in a rock bed for 20 minutes dead still was her most memorable.  She has also taken zebra, impala, baboons and a warthog.  The friends she has made over the years through her hunting experiences have been the best!


Bart Bevill

Our newest member of the Pro Staff, comes to us from the Hills of Northeast MS.  He is part of the agricultural community of his region, where he partners in leading one of the premier commercial suppliers established in the Magnolia State.  Throughout his career, he has been afforded the opportunity to harvest various game throughout the United States and Canada. As his first pro staff appearance, Bart brings a passionate love for the hunt, along with a superior understanding of ballistics to the team.  He represents the segment of our hunters that strive to sharpen their skills by continually seeking knowledge from other outdoor enthusiasts along with using the newest available technology from McWhorter Custom Rifles.  As the father of two daughters who share his enthusiasm, he is committed to using the sport to teach the younger generation the value of taking the time to experience God’s gift of nature while being good stewards of His blessings.




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