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6.5 Ackley Improved

1. 6.5 Ackley Improved $5395.00 Stiller Action bearing our name with Helically fluted bolt, side bolt release, machined handle, M-16 mod extractor, Jewell Trigger, BDL bopttom metal. Krieger #5 Fluted Matchgrade SS barrel , 1 in 9″ twist 26″ + custom muzzlebrake. Custom Polane painted McMillan Rem Hunter Edge stock , meticulously pillar bedded. Dark SS Cerakote(oven cured not air dry) on all metal surfaces. Rifle weighs 7 lbs 8 oz and is perfectly balanced. Rifle shot 140 gr Berger VLD- Hunting bullets .387 during load development and testing. All our rifles are Guaranteed 1/2″ MOA and come broken-in with Talley mounts, and hardcase for shipping.


2. 6.5 Ackley Improved $5395.00 Stiller action bearing our name with helically fluted bolt, side bolt release, mod M-16 extractor, machined handle, PTG machined bottom metal, Jewell trigger set at 2 lbs or your desired setting. Matchgrade Krieger SS #5 fluted 1 in 9″ twist barrel 26″ + our custom muzzlebrake. Beautiful McMillan Rem Hunter Edge stock – custom polane painted- with monte carlo cheekpiece and slight palm swell. Dark SS Cerakote on all metal surfaces for ultimate weatherproofing. Rifle weighs approx. 7 lbs 3 oz and is perfectly balanced. Rifle shot .344″ average with 140 Berger VLD Hunting bullets during testing. All our rifles Guaranteed 1/2″ MOA and include Talley mounts, 20 rounds custom ammo, load data, barrel break-in complete, shipping in hardcase.


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